Sunday, August 3, 2014

Faking Jumpsuits


Wearing: Strapless Striped top/H&M   Wide Pants/ Forever21  Bag/CK  Black Shoes/Urban outfitters

Pictures by: Hassan Said

I have been living in these pants since i bought them around 3 weeks ago, i was on my way to the movies when i spotted the pants, obviously i went in and bought them and how happy am that i did. its so comfortable and versatile that it works with almost everything, i am kinda on a hunt for different colors now. since i am also obsessed with jumpsuits and onesies i cheated it this time and wore the high wasted pants with the strapless top and voila! the black blended in perfectly. i get really excited when i cheat outfits, it opens the eye to more creative ways of combining outfits :) let me know what you think, and keep posted if you spot wide colored pants! hope your having a beautiful Sunday.

Till Next Time xx


  1. You look lovely, dear!!

    Will you visit my blog sometime?
    We can keep in touch if you like!


    1. Thank you so much love! I will definetly checkout your blog and would love to keep In touch xx