Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All Black at A Secret Getaway in the City!

Wearing: H&M Skirt and Jumper /  Zara Pointed Booties /  Topshop Striped Tote.

Pictures By: Hassan Said

We took a random drive the other day as we sometimes do, and we ended up in a Beautiful hidden place in LA. We found Lake Shrine which is a Hindu Temple in the middle of a beautiful, serene park and lake. it is just one of those places where you can sit for hours not saying word and still feel refreshed and calm. i definitely recommend just going and waking around for abit probably mid week is best cause its empty! anyhow i wore a very simple  outfit since i didn't know exactly where we were heading, all black never fails. But instead of just jeans and t-shirt or shirt, i played with Silhouette mainly. over sized jumper with a slim cotton skirt and some silver for not being too bland. 
Let me know what you guys thing and please recommend any hidden place in the City that you like, i would love to know more :)

Till Next Time Lovelies xx


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