Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mom Jeans & Cropped Jacket


Wearing: Mom Jeans/ Topshop  Halter Top/Forever21  Crop Embellished Jacket/H&M (old) 
Large Tote/ Mickael Kors

I've had this Jacket for about 2 years now, and honestly didn't quite wear it that often just because its too dramatic of a piece that could easily turn into a costume if not styled properly. so when i scored this Mom jeans from Topshop a week ago ON SALE! this jacket was the first thing i thought of, as the high waisted jeans is the perfect piece to balance with the jacket. the embellishments added depth to the outfit without it being too dramatic, don't you think?. We took these pictures at the Griffith Park on a beautiful sunny day here in LA and it provided the perfect backdrop to the outfit. let me know what you think and hope you're having a good mellow week. 

Till Next Time xx

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