Friday, July 18, 2014

My One and Only Wedding Post

In general i am not big on weddings or wedding related stuff, as a matter of fact i used to really dislike the whole process and the stress that comes with it. but when it comes to your own day it is a little bit different. i usually don't post anything that i am not deeply interested in or my own experiences. Hence why this is my one and only wedding post as it is my only experience. to cut the long story short, we went back to Egypt to get married last month. and to be very honest i didn't not participate in any of the planning but with references and ideas, and my lovely mother took it from there and made my simple day dream come true. I got the dress at BHLDN, which was our first stop hunting but i've been eyeing that dress for a while now. As for the most beautiful flower i ordered it on ETSY from "The yellow Peonies" company as i didn't want to wear any type of veil or big headpieces, and i felt the peony fit perfectly with the dress. i also got lucky with the shoes as i found the last pair of these BCBG wedges that had no visible stitching which was perfect for the garden but still looked more classic than a normal wedge. hope you like the pictures and wish you a happy weekend.

Till next time xx

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